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Samantha Hulkower from Washington, D.C. says,

“I love going to Dana for advice because she doesn’t actually tell you what to do, which I think is what makes her so effective. She uses her wealth of experiences and insight to ask you the exact questions to help lead you to the answers you are looking for. I’ve gone to her countless times, quite upset about circumstances with dating or other interpersonal relationships. By helping me to organically reach conclusions myself, instead of just telling me what to do, I always leave the conversation feeling confident I’ll be able to solve the problem. I couldn’t do it without Dana!”

Samantha Adam from Manchester, England says,

“Dana is an amazing teacher and coach! The Self-Discovery and Readiness class has helped me identify my values, requirements, needs, and wants; and has helped build my confidence, see my good attributes, and allowed me to dream!”

M.F. from the United States says,

“Dana’s Self-Discovery and Readiness class has helped me better realize my priorities, and has given me clarity on what I truly want to accomplish in my life.”

Julie from Canada says,

“Dana is an amazing relationship coach, and her Self-Discovery and Readiness class is amazing! It has given me the ability to introspect in order to put my life vision in alignment with the relationship I want and know I deserve. Thank you, Dana!”

Jill B. from Silver Spring, MD says,

“Coaching was a great way to reaffirm, and clearly articulate, my values, goals, and areas for improvement. I would recommend coaching to others, particularly those who know something is not working, but can’t really figure out what it is or why it’s not working.

Dana is a great active listener and was really effective at holding me accountable for the work that I committed to doing. I liked that she shared some of herself with me – it wasn’t like she was up on some pedestal and I was down below. Rather, I felt like we were on this journey together, and she was my advocate and partner. She really has a passion for this work, and I felt that she cared deeply about helping me get what I want for my life. Thanks, Dana!”

Susana Gonzalez from Gulfport, FL says,

“Dana is an amazing coach for several reasons. She has the ability to clearly listen and hear beyond the surface of the words spoken by her client, and she is supportive and fearless in asking the questions that allowed me to have insights and design action plans which moved me forward. When I had my inner critic running the show, Dana would help me get back into my conscious mind, and out of the limiting critical inner talk, with her solution-oriented questions. Dana embodies a terrific combination of humanity and competency in her coaching.”

D.J. from Rockville, MD says,

“After working with Dana, I learned a lot about myself and why my previous relationships had not been successful. I am keen on the attributes that I need in order to have a fulfilling and long lasting relationship. I am now consciously aware of my dating environment and I am ready to attract the best partner for me.”

Anonymous from Silver Spring, MD says,

“Dana’s program will help you discover what you are really looking for in an ideal mate, and I now feel empowered to make better, healthier relationship choices.”

Megan M. from Silver Spring, MD says,

“I referred a friend to Dana’s 6-week Self Discovery and Readiness tele-class, and I am so glad she signed up and took that class, because she has gained more confidence, and is more focused on making positive changes in her life. These steps have been small, but I can already see the difference! I highly recommend Dana, so if you’re thinking about working with her, do not hesitate.”

M. Moore from Fairfax, VA says,

“Dana has an incredible gift of providing clarity and guidance that carries the undeniable ring of truth and integrity to the heart and soul. Her ability to come along side and uplift during times of crisis while gently reminding of one’s true path is the very thing to keep one going. Dana has helped to direct me through some of the greatest challenges and decisions of my life. I consider myself a strong, successful person, but I truly value Dana as my “sounding board,” trusted coach, and friend.”