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Single and seeking the love of your life?

You’ve come to the right place!

    Believe it or not, YOU are the problem and the solution! If you’re like most singles, you’re BUSY and STRESSED, and just trying to find time to do the things you have to do is difficult, not to mention, the things you actually want to do. Therefore, just making the time to work on becoming the best person you can be, so you attract your ideal partner, is extremely challenging. But, you do want a happy and fulfilled life, with a partner you’re physically attracted to AND has the same values, which you may feel is hard, if not impossible, to find.

    How is it feasible you will attract a compatible life partner if you don’t understand who you are and what you want, and make choices to support that; and truly understand what’s getting in the way of finding that special person who’s a perfect fit for you? How will you express yourself in a way that attracts your ideal partner? The Law of Attraction states, like attracts like; therefore, our relationships are our mirrors, and what is inside shows up on the outside.

    We are not taught how to be in a relationship, and if most of us have learned about relationships from our parents, it’s no wonder the success rate of marriages is so low. So, if you’re ready to find the love of your life, and learn the skills you never observed, or were never taught, it is time to take action for your future.

    Take Action Now

    Stop wasting your precious time and energy on dates who are not the right fit from the beginning, and learn to identify long-term compatibility before you’re in an exclusive relationship, and many times, even before a first or second date. Get ready to break old habits and patterns that aren’t working for you, stop making excuses, and DO NOT settle for less than what you deserve in life and a relationship.

    I will help you get clear on the life and relationship you want, because finding an ideal relationship that’s going to last takes work. I help clients take responsibility for their relationship outcomes, be the partner they want to have, and help them focus on meaning, connection, and long-term goals. The good news is, the clearer you are, the easier it is to find someone, or for someone to find you.

    Your life will be forever changed after you allow me to guide you through the exploration of who you are, what you want, and how to get what you want. Since you can’t coach someone in relationships without coaching their whole life, we will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and find someone who fits you.

    I want you to know — I get it. When my last serious relationship ended, which I believed would result in marriage, I was devastated. I realized the common factor in all my past relationships was me, and if I was ever going to make a relationship work, I had to take responsibility for myself, and make some real changes. Believe it or not, there is a reason you’re single; but, you’re not alone, and I want you to experience how good it feels to live the life you love with the love of your life!

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    Your trusted coach,